Cloud Computing

The cloud is today’s filing cabinet, and without the right I.T. support any business will struggle to remain ahead of the game. TazTech offers the full spectrum of Cloud I.T. services such as Microsoft Azure & Microsoft Office 365. So you can get back to running your business, and let us worry about all things tech for you.

Software as a Service

Efficient, reliable I.T. is what keeps your business competitive – but only if you maintain it. Like cars, tech needs regular servicing and repairs to ensure it’s operating at optimum efficiency. TazTech can help, with virus detection and removal, hardware optimisation, upgrades, firmware updates, data backup and recovery to keep you online and operational.

Infrastructure as a Service

We’re not just a consulting and service business – did you know we can also supply a wide range of virtual hardware, hand-picked by our engineers for quality and value? From hosted workstations to company servers, and much more. Our range includes trusted brands such as Microsoft Azure & Amazon that we recommend and use ourselves.

Team Collaboration

The world has never been so connected, with more and more of our interactions taking place online & virtual offices meaning more employees are working remotely. We know there’s no one size fits all approach to I.T. The TazTech team have the knowledge and skills to guide you through the planning, design and implantation of Team Collaboration software to keep your team connected and working together no matter where they are.